Brainstorming for ideas.

1. You are not alone kiosk

A kiosk system designed for people to be able to type in their interests into the database, and match you up with other people who share the same interest with you. For example you might want to go to the museum today, but you can’t find a partner, then you could goto the kiosk, and see if anyone nearby shares a same interest. And of course if you just broke up with your super hot sexy girl friend, and you’re feeling super sad, you could always come to the kiosk and search for people in the same situation that are willing to go out for drink with you.

2. Third party cellphone
A phone system that requires a third phone to send message to another person. If you want to send out a text message, you’ll need another phone trigger your text message function. You’ll need to plug someone elses phone to a slot located on your hone in order to trigger the message function.

3. Community table
Tables that have built-in voice recognition technologies. These tables would be able to recognize words used in the conversation surrounding the table, and for those tables that have the similar words, they would try to sync with each other, by glowing with a similar color.

4. Share that music headphones + Ipod
a. Headphones that could recognize each others music, when someone else’s listening to the same music as you are, both of the headphones would light up in the same color.
b. If your in a public place like a cafeteria, and you find out someone is listening to the same music as your are, then you could just raise your ipod, aim it at them, and send her a song.

5. Beacon
A physical city game, to start this game, you have to tag yourself with something. Anything from a Persian dog to a Logitech mouse would be fine. You key your tag onto a cellphone program, and your cellphone becomes a beacon. The program would random search for people who has the same tag as you do in the near by location, and the closer you two get, the faster the beacon will blink

6. Chair sucking device
A chair that allows people to input their interests. The chair would then automatically attract each other and try to move closer by themselves. For the chairs that have absolutely nothing in common, the chairs would push each other away, and make crazy noises and break the conversation.

7. Billboard gaming
Billboards that could connect to each other. People walking by could play games through the billboard with someone else that’s playing on another billboard, which might be located in another city or another country
a.physical pong game.

b.dress me up application.

8. Fly pen revolution
A fly pen is a pen that could recognize what you’re writing instantly. Fly pen revolution is a pen that would link you up with someone else that’s writing on the same topic or same thing.

9. Sign me up!!
An interactive traffic sign that projects image of the people standing beneath them onto the sign, and have a them interact.

10. Echo Tube
Two tubes will be located in different cities or countries. The tubes would act like voice transmitters, while one person in a city(ex.LA) yells or speaks into the tube, the other tube located in another city(NY) would play out the sound with an echo effect. People would also be able to talk and chat with each other by using the two tubes. When there’s no people using the tubes, it would just stream street sounds to each other.

11. Conversation powered elevator.
To operate this elevator, first you’ll need more then two people to step in. Built in sensors would detect how many people are inside, so when there’s only one person inside, it won’t power up. After having partners to ride with you, you’ll have to generate conversations to power up the elevator. The more people talk, the faster the elevator will go.


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