Research: Emotionally Vague Sept./24/2008


Emotionally vague is a research project focusing on people’s emotional value. Where does anger occur in your body? what is the direction of love? Participants were been asked to answer a series of question through drawing, writing, and picking colors from a color chart.

The method they took upon to organize their gathered data was very creative and smart. For the drawing part, the researchers just simply overlaid the drawings together, what it showed was a very clear distinction between the results of different emotions. For instance, most people felt that their anger occur in their head and hands. Whereas love occurred mostly from their heart.

Strictly saying, I don’t know if these images can be called as “information graphics”. However, the outcomes are still extremely interesting and intriguing. Unlike most of the information graphics where people usually visualize the data based on quantity, which would eventually result in visualizing the “form” of the data. This project seems to focus more on the quality of the gathered data, and it somehow gives another layer of depth to the outcomes. Furthermore, the way the outcome was visualized in this project, perceives the ambiguous value of emotions.It doesn’t look scientific at all, but it is in fact, done and created from a more  scientific and statistical approach.


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