Thesis Blog

So this will be the fourth time that I’m gonna try to keep a blog, the only difference is this time it’s for my thesis, and I guess there are people going to read what I write.


Just a few thoughts on my thesis topic, visualizing data. I need some kind of phrase to replace these two words. The reason for that is because somehow the phrase “Visualizing Data” carries a digital, programme heavy notion with it, which is what I’m trying to avoid from in this phase of my thesis work. 

What I want to explore more in this first phase of my thesis is actually the basic concept of visualizing data. The gathering and reorganizing of information or content. I think this kind of approach would actually lead me to a broader view of art works and possible potentials in my thesis work. 


Here’s a very interesting post from the website Flowing Data by NATHAN. It reminds of the post I had a few months ago about the quality and quantity.


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