Mapping ” Solitary // Isolation”

Solitary, isolation, loneliness, disconnection.

Have you ever felt alone in your life? or have you ever felt disconnected to your surroundings just for a second or two?

This is a very abstract topic to deal with, the isolation and loneliness of human. I believe we all once or from time to time feel lonely and disconnected from the world, but how do I visualize it? Moreover, how am I supposed to gather this information? from interviews? photos? or from writing?

In the book “MAPS OF THE IMAGINATION: THE WRITER AS CARTOGRAPHER” written by Peter Turchi, he talked about the blanks that left in our lives, he believes that it is this blankness of things that drive us to learn more, it is this blankness of things that makes us more aggressive in the course of “mapping”. Art and design also works with blanks, and it is the blanks within our work that attracts and drives our audiences to think, to relate, and to imagine. No work is considered “finished” in this sense of blankness, it is the “unfinished” quality created by the “blanks” that completes our work.

So is solitary a sense of blankness? Is it a blank in our heart that makes us an unfinished piece of work? Is it the blank that drives our desire to reach out, to socialize? Maybe for once in a while, we feel the lonesome and the disconnection to our worlds is to reassure that we are still alive, to assure that the world is rich, but our hearts are empty, and so we send ourselves on the guest of mapping, learning, and creating memories and knowledge. 

” To ask for a map, is to ask for a story”
~Peter Turchi // Maps of the imagination : The writer as cartographer.

How big is the blank in your heart? how do you reveal it? is it a piece of white space? or is it a total darkness? 
Visualize. Visualize. Visualize. How is it possible for one to reveal somethings thats not there? through the sound of screams? through the drop of tears? or through a fading memory that we try to grab on to?

If it’s possible, tell me a story about your blanks. Show me the colors and tell me the scales.


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