This is just another Idea that came up to my mind on how to gather people’s “missings”.


A photo I saw on the web, depicting how Chinese people worship their ancestors or the gods. As a Chinese myself, I know very well about these traditions. It is a way of showing our respects to our ancestors, and ask for blessing and protection from them. But besides of worshiping our ancestors, every year in a certain time, we also goto the graves of our beloved, and we worship them as well. It is a ritual/custom that has been inherited in the core of Chinese culture.

Furthermore, I would like to say that this is a ritual more than just respecting and worshipping the dead. It also conveys a sense of “missing”. It’s a method of expressing how much we miss them, the ritual itself is a method of communication to the ones who has passed away in our life.

Rituals are more powerful than we can imagine, it restricts people to follow a certain path when they encounter a emotional event, and wants to express their feelings. 

So what if we could build something for people to express their feelings when they miss someone or something?

Maybe a bird house? you can write what you miss on a small note, and save it in the bird house? or maybe it’s the message in the bottle? or even we’ve strings tied onto a huge map?



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