End of Project 1.

It’s Wk 7 and project 1 has finally come to an end. For this “final project of project 1,” I used the data that I retrieved from the survey I handed out within the studio. I especially focused on the thing or memory the missed the most, and pulled out the emotions that belonged to that particular memory. I then categorized the emotions into five general emotions. 

1. Joy
2. Love 
3. Sadness
4. Anger
5. Others 

Based on the emotions they had, I created a 3d object in which the length of the side corresponds to the total amount of emotions involved. For example, if in total five different people had the emotion “Anger” selected. Than one of the sides would be five inches long. I then decided to connect the dots of each emotion. So if someone missed their pet, and had the emotions “Anger, Sad and Joy” selected, a wire would then go across and connect the three sides that represents these three emotions, in result creating a emotional thread that belongs to this particular “miss”.



The result was pretty interesting to see, the curves of the wire expressed a much more emotional quality than straight line connected with strings. However, I wouldn’t say this was a successful project. After all, this was the only experiment I did, I didn’t went too much into the exploration of the shape nor the form. Which somehow raised another thesis question. At this stage of exploring what we want to do for our next two terms, exactly how far should we go with each of our projects? should we just do something fast, cheap, and out of control? or should we spend as much time as possible in refinements? I’m bringing up this question due to a very uncomfortable critique I had a few days ago. I was criticized for not doing enough, not spending enough time and jumping too fast into different projects. I was even accused for not being “Responsible” for my work. Yes, harsh critiques can be very very very discouraging. I somehow lost my direction after the critique, and was confused by the pace and the plans that I had. However, time won’t wait for you just because you’re confused, I guess in the end I can only trust myself that I’m on the right track, and just do want I want to do.


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