Tonight I can write.

Yes, tonight I feel inspired, so I’m going write a bit more about my inspirations. 

Last night I went to the Japanese American Community Culture Center to see the premier of the movie “A song for ourselves”. It was actually a documentary about the life of a Japanese american named “Chris Iijima” and how he fought for the right of Asian Americans in the past. Chris Iijima was a musician, a leader, a father, a teacher and a lawyer, but for the most, he was a revolutionist that had the vision and the ability to shape the world with his music. He wrote songs that had a clear political view of how he imagined the world should be. He’s lyrics was not about love nor romance, but more about the care of the society he lived in and he’s ideals of a better future. Although that I am not a American citizen, but as a Asian myself, I was deeply touched by the lyrics he wrote in he’s songs. 

We are the children of the migrant workers
We are the offspring of the concentration camp 
Sons and daughters of the railroad builder 
Who leave their stamp on America

We are the children of the Chinese waiter, 
Born and raised in the laundry room 
We are the offsping of the Japanese gardener 
Who leave their stamp on America



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