New direction ~ The last big ass monitor

For my 2nd Project, I’ve decided to take a leap of faith.

I went back to Taiwan for a week due to some family events I had to attend, and as I was on the plane back. I suddenly had this idea of building a moving screen. A screen that would move back and forth, and could be used to showcase information such as history or any linear contents.

Here’s the sketch:



However, after presenting it in class on Tuesday, my advisor told me that someone has already done this before, but he still encouraged me to do it if I had a strong feeling about it.

This where I took the leap of faith, I immediately started to sketch out the blueprints and went into production. Due to various technical and financial issues, the model has evolved and the dimensions looks totally different from the original sketch I had, but the idea is still the same. “The ultimate moving monitor.”

One other reason that I said that this was a leap of faith, is the fact that as I was drawing out the blue print and actually building the model, I felt that I was so drawn to the interface / interaction design rather than the actual content that would go on it. I slowly started to feel unsafe because I’m almost at the final stage of the construction, but I still have no idea what’s supposed to go on there. 

This is an approach to design that I have never tried before. I used to think that design should be content oriented and should be really focused on communications. But this time, I have nothing to say, it was like a rush of blood to the head and I had to let it out. It’s more like a “follow your instinct” kind of moment where you just do it, and see what happens.



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