Stay calm, Stay cool.


Because there’s just so many things to do, and it’s really making me anxious and worried about my work. But I guess this is one of my “flaws,” I get too excited and sometimes too worried about things happening around me. My “at the moment” working style is really killing me recently and needs to be changed. I guess I need to find time for myself and think my ideas thoroughly to help me organize what I’m trying to do. Plan, think and make, I usually jump the planning part, and just do whatever comes to my mind. Which sometimes blind me from seeing the whole picture of my overall project.

I have a “Think Map” now posted up on the wall in my room, I guess this might be a good way to help me create a frame of thoughts, and remind me to navigate myself back to the initial purposes of my projects. A process book is also underway, but I might need more time to design the book. I’m not trying to make it pretty, but I need more time to organize and think through the contents I have so far. I hope this process could help me clear my thoughts even more, help me steer my ways through the forest of ideas, and land myself on a good spot where I can develop it as my own design language and philosophy.


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