Objects / Textures as Navigation


Here are some videos of a simple experiment I did. Using an object as the interface to control our computer, this concept has been done for million of times in the real world, and has already been turn into real products like the Wii and many other great designs. However, I still did this experiment to see if anything else could be inspired.

In the experiment, I tried to see the ball simply as an object that I could use to navigate through screen based medias. But then I figured that the form of objects seems to have a direct relation to how we use them. The way we hold these objects are determined by the way it’s formed. For example nobody would expect to roll a cube but everybody would try to roll a ball. Moreover, the way we hold an object also deters how we might use the object. 

So is it the same if we use textures as the interface?

I guess when I say texture people would immediately relate it to fabrics, but what about the texture of grass, or the texture of concrete. Can these surfaces also be used as a interface, and how do we use it in a different way from using objects? what are the affordances and what can it make possible.? I guess this might be the next thing that I should be researching on.

On the other hand, the visualizing information approach should still be involved, but in which ways can I integrate these two directions? I think the information structure could serve as a frame for the overall interaction experience, becoming the system of the content that we navigate through. But the question still remains, how do I make it happen?… visually.


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