Where am I now?

Latest update on thesis

During my M4 review, I got criticized the most on not being consistent enough on my research and explorations. I was basically floating around in different fields of design, doing a bit of this and a bit of that. But none of my works seemed to relate to one another. Having that understood, during my three wks vacation after M4, I’ve decided that what I needed was a specific content that would help me frame myself onto a set track. Which is also how I came up with the idea of journalism.

A few reasons of why did I pick journalism as my content. First, journals and news are something that I’ve always enjoyed reading, and one of the most important thing in our thesis project, is of course to do something that you love and would enjoy working with. The second reason, is about the nature of journalism and the rich information it inherits. The process of journalism has a very similar approach to working with information visualization, I believe these two areas are able to compliment with each other, and be combined through a unique way of thinking and designing. The last but not the least. Journalism today is facing a turning point where it is facing challenges from different corners of the world. The medium is changing, as well as the reporters. The world of journalism is changing rapidly, and things needs to be reformed, new business models needs to be introduce to make journalism a self profitable business. As a media designer, whose speaks English as he’s second language, and has no expertise in journalism, I don’t expect myself to solve any issues that we face today in the journalism. However, I do expect that I could revisit this issue from a different perspective, and see create more possibilities of how the future of journalism might look like. This thesis project would be an end of a project, but probably just the beginning of an unknown future.


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