. i need to do what i need to do .

I guess I’m a person that listens too much and speaks too less. Every time after talking to someone, I would just toss out my old ideas and start thinking on a new one. This is bad, really really bad, cause this is why I’m never consistent on something…or anything. So I guess in the end, I need to do what I need to do. I know clearly that I can’t just think and not do anything, I need to graduate, and to graduate I need to face the final critique, and to face the final critique, I need to have something for them to critique on. M5, I guess this is the term where we explore through making, I made some stuff through the first five wks, and then got stuck after meeting with the faculties. It’s wk 6 now, and this is my bottom line of “just thinking not making.” I can’t stand for another week of just thinking in my head, and not producing work. So here’s the plan… whatever idea I decide to do, or I’m interested to do. I’ll just work on those until wk11, and then start to think about the wk12 review. It’s time to start making again, cause my brain is tired of thinking and my hands are getting bored from not moving.


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