Concept Ques:
Why am I doing this?
What is my point of view of multiple POV?
What is the purpose of having a Multiple POV or a Multiple perspective of news?
What is the purpose of forming a social aspect of journalism?
What is the motive that drives me to make journalism into this kind of form?
What advantages and disadvantages does my journalistic approach bring to the audience?
What kind of experience do I want the users or audience to have?
What do I want them to learn from this experience?

Design Ques:
How does media/news become something that could facilitate people to converse in a physical space?
Can media/news become part of the discussion?
How do people gather and talk about the News?
Why do we want people to facilitate conversation?
Where do I want it to take place? on the streets or in a room?
Where in space and how do I engage people?
How does it attract multiple people?
How do we package our information –> multiple source? filter? raw data?
How do we organize and sort through information?
Do we need a Newsroom to package for us?
How do I use multiple views of a piece of news as the content to facilitate conversation and interaction among the users in a physical space?
News are event based, so how do I capture people’s description and opinions of a particular event? do I do it through interviews? do I do it through documentaries?
How do I create a space where people could use news as a conversation facilitator? how and in what kind of form do I present that news to motivate people to discussions? and what does that discussion brings to the audiences?


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