Thesis writing 1

My interest has always been in the relations between the individuals and the community.

Some of my previous works shows my interest in co-creation and the presence of  individuals working together to form a collaborative result. My works have also been about creating common grounds to serve as a icebreaker for people to interact with each other. In my thesis term, I have been drifting around different ideas and concept of how news reading can be a part of our social interaction.

This last project that I’m working on, is to create a platform that allows or maybe forcing users to search in a collaborative process. Each is allowed to implement a piece of what they want to read. Each of the three users are given control over one kind of category. Therefore, the users will be forced to work with each other in order to facilitate any results. The idea of having it in a social or public space, also gives the users an immediate response from another user. The physical aspect of this device gives it an interesting advantage in bringing it’s users face to face. The idea is to facilitate more interactions between the users, things such as conversations or physical gestures.

This is a process of give and take, what and how does the users enter the things they like into the system. Moreover, how do they collect the results? Since the users can only have control over one certain category of the search. It is almost impossible for them to get exactly what they want, unless they talk and convince the other users. However, even though it might not be what they want, there would still be a part of it that is controlled by them. Which is what makes the search result a collaborated result.

The content that I’ll be using for this search system is the news media. The reason for picking this content, is because it is already structured in many different categories. Almost every piece of the article contains the aspects of  time, space and the happened event. Every article also comes with a different voice which can be identified by the agency or the writer.

The society we live in today requires us to move faster and faster in our life. It also requires us to be more precise then ever before to just get what we want out of everything. It is almost the same for news reading, the usual reading time is less then an hour a day. People only skim the headlines and select what they want to read. This type of reading falls into a danger where people end up reading what they like. And become more ignorant to other things that are happening in the world. The main idea is to provide people a platform where they can create a body of news article that has been selected based on a public input, instead on a purely personal interest. It is about the user next to you, about the articles that you select together, and also about understanding that different people have different opinions towards news.

Like what I stated before, I have an interest in the relationship between the community and it’s individuals. How does the individual gets what they want from the community, and how is the community been shaped by it’s users? Do the citizens change the city, or does the city changes us?


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