There are several scenarios that my project could possibly fit in to. I’ve been trying to flush out some of them, and focus on only two of the scenarios to create my design for.

Here are the five scenes:

1. Sports Bar
Location: A small sports bar located in a crowded city.
Users: People who just came out of work, and want to meet with friends at the sports bar.

In a sports bar, where the friends come together to this interactive table and search through informations about the latest sports or things that are related to their work. The platform would provide functions for them to share the news and experience live game together. The interface would also provide an opportunity for a user to interact with a stranger through a common interest of news articles. For instance, a user might find out that a girl at the next table is super interested in Football, he could then upload the a piece of news related to football onto his cup, and bring it over to the other table to use it as an icebreaker to meet the girl.

2. Airport
Location: The waiting room for international flights
Users: People who are waiting to board the flight, especially for people who are waiting for a transition flight

In an international airport. Where people are waiting for a transition flight. It’s very normal and usual for travelers to be stuck in airports waiting for their transition flights for almost 4 to 5 hrs. During that waiting time, a lot of people ether go to tax free stores to shop or they would just sit on the chair and surf the internet with their laptops. Having a device like this, would actually help people kill time but in a much more effective and useful way. The device provides the users the ability to search for news articles that date from a century ago. The travelers would have the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the place they are going to, they could also have the results be emailed or downloaded to their computer or handheld device so they could bring it along with them.

3. Home environment
Location: kitchen area in the home of a family of three
Users: The father, mother and the teenage son.

Many families eat their breakfast together in the morning, a typical theme is the parents would be sitting at the table reading the newspaper on a Sunday morning while their son might be surfing on the internet upstairs in his own room. The father might find an interesting article and tells the mother to read it too. If they were using their own computers, they would probably try to email each other the link or the full article. If they were reading a newspaper, one would probably than try to read it out loud for the other. There is an opportunity here for this platform to exist. The interface would allow them to be able to share and recommend articles to each other in a more direct and easier way. They could also search together on the same topic, but look into different aspects of the topic they are interested in. For example, the husband could try to search for articles about the city constructions of Los Angeles, while the wife could try to search for the urban designs of Los Angeles.

4. Library
A research room in the public library
Users: Three students doing a group project could come and use the device as a group research tool.

While doing a group project, it is important that we find a way to share the research results that we find interesting or useful. We used to do this through email or by printing it out on papers. This device could enhance the experience of collaboration and cooperation within a small group of researchers-in this case, students. The idea is to provide the students a better way to share the results that they find, and be able to talk and discuss about their findings in a much more direct and easier way. For example if they were all researching on the topic “China”. They could easily divide their task in three ways. One could probably look for articles about the industrialized history of China, whereas the other two could look into the cultural or the geographical elements of China. The device provides the opportunity for them to do separate tasks, but gather and collect the useful ones and share it with other researchers.

5. Disaster situation
Location: LA downtown
Users: Emergency response units, LAPD, LAFD,

Whenever a major disaster happens on a larger scale. Different response units are needed to get involved in the situation. They all come to the table with what their own professional skills, insights and resources. There is also always a coordinator to help coordinate all these resource and manpower. It would be important that all the commanders from different emergency units could sit at a place where they can discuss what they have, and sort out ways to utilize their resource and cooperate their manpower. In this scenario, a platform for multiple users could actually be helpful. The commanders could upload their resources to the platform, and they could cooperate or plan out rescue plans for the emergency by discussing and planing directly through the use of this platform.


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