These are the two scenarios that I picked out to develop a bit more details.

<a> Airport

In an international airport. Where people are waiting for a transition flight. It’s very normal and usual for travelers to be stuck in airports waiting for their transition flights for almost 4 to 5 hrs. During that waiting time, a lot of people ether go to tax free stores to shop or they would just sit on the chair and surf the internet with their laptops. Having a device like this, would actually help people kill time but in a much more effective and useful way. The device provides the users the ability to search for news articles that date from a century ago. The travelers would have the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the place they are going to, they could also have the results be emailed or downloaded to their computer or handheld device so they could bring it along with them.

The waiting room for international flights

Three people that are traveling to London, two of them are a couple and is on a honeymoon trip. Both of them are from San Francisco, they are waiting for a transfer flight. The other person is a sixteen year old teenager from LA, he too is waiting for a transferring flight to London.

Situation :
It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon, 2 hrs away till the flight to London departures from JFK. John and Mary are wandering around in the airport. Both of them are  in their 30s. They are waiting for a transfer flight to London, which won’t be departing for another 3 hours. Both of them are not interested in the duty free stores.
They then came up to this device, and decided to search for information and articles about London. They typed in the keywords of the topics they were interested in, and generated different search results by combining the keywords. They both typed in the keyword “London” since that is the topic they want to know more about. John then combined “London” with “castles” and Mary combined “London” with “movie”. They both generated lots of search results, and read through the results that they thought was interesting. They also shared the interesting articles with each other by dragging them onto each others control panel, or by dragging it into the recommendation pool.
Jack, a teenager from LA who is on his way to London to visit his relatives, saw the couple using the multi-touch interface. He then came over and wanted to use the device to find some interesting articles to read through. He didn’t had a specific thing he wanted to search for, so he just simply tried to type in different words to combine together, and wondered what kind of results would come up. He then saw some of the searches created by John, and figured that these couples were looking for articles about London. He then dragged one of the searches created by John about London, and added another keyword to it to alter the search results. As he was browsing through the results, he came upon this article about a giraffe catching a fire on it’s tail in London zoo. He thought this article was super interesting and so he dragged it into the recommendation pool so John and Mary could also read it.

<b> Library

While doing a group project, it is important that we find a way to share the research results that we find interesting or useful. We used to do this through email or by printing it out on papers. This device could enhance the experience of collaboration and cooperation within a small group of researchers-in this case, students. The idea is to provide the students a better way to share the results that they find, and be able to talk and discuss about their findings in a much more direct and easier way. For example if they were all researching on the topic “China”. They could easily divide their task in three ways. One could probably look for articles about the industrialized history of China, whereas the other two could look into the cultural or the geographical elements of China. The device provides the opportunity for them to do separate tasks, but gather and collect the useful ones and share it with other researchers.

A research room in the public library

Three college students doing a group project could come and use the device as a group research tool.

Three college students from Pasadena Community College is conducting a research project about Los Angeles. They came to the library to look through the news archive in order to know more about stories and events that’s been happening in Los Angeles.
They all came to the library around 1 o’clock in the afternoon, they meet each other and went to the News archive room. There were some tables and some chairs in the room, but there was not bookshelves and no books at all. They started to discuss what they need to do for the day, and also divided different research tasks to each other.
The Project was about the change of the  cityscape in Los Angeles in the past 50 years. The students want to explore their research in several different directions. Manny was responsible for the research in the public transportation plans of Los Angeles, Jae was responsible in the change of the business structure in Los Angeles and Scott was responsible for the demographic of different ethnic groups.
They all had their own direction to research on, and had the overarching theme they needed to work in. They then started to type in the keywords and started to combine them with different keywords to generate search results. Sometimes they would exchange the keywords they use, or add different keywords to each others search results to look for commonalities in the articles. While reading through the news articles, they would sometimes drag articles to the recommendation pool to create a body of recommended articles. These were articles that they thought was very useful to their project and wanted to revisit them later.
Besides of saving articles to the recommendation pool they also shared the articles by directly dragging the articles or the search results to each others control panel. Sometimes they would also switch panels to switch their directions in the research in order to pull themselves back from the project and to refresh their minds by looking into different articles.
After a while of searching browsing and discussing about the articles they found. They decided to have all the selected articles to be emailed to them, so they could go home revisit it again if it was necessary.


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