1. Talk about my approach: Two directions

a. Collaborative approach / Optional collaboration

Items to use to support the idea:
Point out the two projects that I’m showing on the wall, the cube and the miss project. Use print out panels to show case these projects. Include project name and a brief description.

b. Journalistic approach / Journalism as a public forum

Items to use to support the idea:
Point out the experiments I did, the mosaic and the poster project. Talk about what I learned from these projects. Consider to use a screen to run through these projects instead of using print panels

2. Talk about that my thesis is to find the situation and scenario where these two concepts can integrate with each other, and become a useful or productive act of interaction. (say that as a media designer, I am interested in….blahblahblah)

Use the big model on the wall as a reference. The model will have to show how information can be shared among the users.

3. Talk about the 4 scenarios that I found. Point out the highlights of the three of them that I didn’t use, then talk about the one that I decided to use as an exploration.

Items to use to support this idea:
The scenario boards and photos of these locations.

4. Talk about the 4 main functions of the interface: Search, Share, Recommend and Collect. Talk about the detailed functions that the motion doesn’t have to support the concept.

Items to use to support the idea:
Motion and a one sheet storyboard for people to follow through my talk.

5. Talk about the Future directions for this interface. Separate it into two directions. The multiple user direction and the journalistic direction.

What might be possible in the future, as a media designer, what do I want to focus on in the future. What are my expectations of myself in the future and the areas that I’m interested in to explore more. Also talk about what I’ve learned in my thesis term as well as my journey in grad school.

<Refined Scenario for Motion>

Things that need to be shown in the motion.

4 main concepts: Search, Share, Recommend and collect.

Jae and friends come to the library to use the news archive table to do research. They need to use the table to look for news articles about the history of urban plans for major cities in the US.

// Mari type in keywords to generate search
1. Generating a search.

// Mari sees her friends keywords, she drag it out to create a different search
2. Sharing the keywords, getting other persons keywords.

// Mari browse through content, see an interesting article and then share it with friends.
3. Browse through the search result, find the article you like, share it to the recommendation pool.
4. Recommend an article to the users next to you or to the recommendation pool.
*Most complicated part!!!! Push this through and then it gets easier!!!!! Don’t focus on the small functions, focus on her finding the article and then recommending it to the community or other users.

// Mari recommend the search combination to friend
5. Recommending the search combination to the user next to you.

// Mari collect the articles in the recommendation pool with her ID card.
6. Collecting the articles in the recommendation pool.


Things to build:

*All designs needs to be done before wk12
*Build stuff on wk13

1. news wallpaper                                                       //design on wk 11 and print on wk 12
2. Panels and descriptions for past projects        //design on wk 11
Two project for Collaborative approach / two project for journalism as public forum.
For past project:
1. Project name,
2. Photo of project
3. Project description

3. Table model <before wk12>                                //build on wk 11
4. Printouts and name card                                     //design one sheet on wk 11, print card on wk 12
5. Scenario boards                                                     //design and build on wk 12
6. Projector hanger                                                         <wk 13>
7. Wall                                                                                <wk 13>
8. Test projection length                                               <wk 11>


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