The whole does not equal to the sum of parts //

It’s been four months since I presented at my Thesis gateway, has my thesis topic changed ever since? Luckily, no.It’s still Visualizing Data, however, some time in the near future I’ll need to find a much more suitable phrase to replace this title.

The only line that I still remember from what I presented in my thesis gateway goes like this : 

“I have a passion in collecting, organizing, and putting things in it’s right place, and if you ask me why.
It’s because the world is just such a mess.”

Yes, the world is a mess, and I’m driven by this mess to set things right and place them back to where they belong. I’m not saying that I’m the type who wants to set out and “Save the World”. I’m just a person that likes to see things in it’s right order. This isn’t an easy task to do,  how would one know what should be where, and where should be what? These details are all stored in the information that flash through our eyes everyday, we just never paid attention to it because they’re either too much or too less organized.

I always see myself as an observer, a person that has a desire of knowing more. Data Visualization ( again, this phrase will soon be replaced. ) provides knowledge that we normally don’t see. The quantity of the data set allows us to see things from a different scale, angle, and in return providing us a different piece of the whole picture. It’s quality coming from quantity. There are so many potentials in how this new sense of design can accomplish. It can be used for educational purpose, research purpose and even for military or government investigations. It’s a way of design that requires not only the technique in gathering data, but also the smartness in organizing and viewing the outcome.

Updated on Jan.20.2009


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